Streaming Talk Radio Stations

Don Geronimo got his first work at WRWC in Rockton, Illinois at the age of 14, in stereo. As his career accelerated, but developing never stopped.

By the age of 16 Don was out and to the atmosphere in the major industry of Pittsburgh, at Fun Lovin’ 13Q. In New York, he was working at seventeen, doing the nightshift at 99X. And he got fired. Again. And started the rise all the way backup the radio hierarchy.
From 1977-1979 Don worked in Providence, RI, Indianapolis, and Detroit. From there it had been onto KIIS- FM in La and WLS in Chicago. After going to WBBM-FM in Chicago for mornings, he relocated all over again, back to Washington DC in 1985.

The move to WAVA combined with the birth of Don’s boy Bart in ’85 meant no further moving for a while. Don was transferred to mornings and joined with Mike O’Meara on the WAVA Morning Zoo thru 1991 after performing the afternoon move on WAVA. At that time, the rebranded "Don & Mike Show" moved to days in DC Online Talk Radio and back to WJFK. The M & D show ran for over 20 years, and atone point was syndicated to over 50 programs. Don retired from that show in 2008, returning to radio this year at KHTK in Sacramento. He kept there of three years, until he was shot. All over again!

That resulted in the invention of the! Many samples of Don’s atmosphere work around the M & D show and solo are available at Don continues to generate his magic everyday via live streaming and packages. Don has appeared in a small number of videos and tv shows, most once, his two "stellar" hearings on King Of Queens. More can be found on Don’s IMDB page.

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